Copyright permission notice appearing on published versions


The copyright permissions text appears in the published articles on one of our journals, and the reason goes back to that journal’s original installation (on 2.4 but now when the editor requested the permission to be seen. That opinion has changed, however, we are unable to hide the permissions, we assume, because we cannot see the two global settings under Settings > Distribution > Permissions as discussed here:

In other words, we think these two settings are still turned on but we don’t have any way via the web admin interface to turn them off. Can you tell us where we would find these settings and how we can turn them off?

Can either of @asmecher or @NateWr advise on this?

Hi @LuqmanH,

I don’t think that those options exist any more. If the permissions details have been attached to the submission, they will be displayed on the frontend. I think that you will need to use a custom theme or remove the permissions from the submissions if you don’t want them to be displayed.

Thanks @NateWr
So, any advice on how we go about removing the permissions from the submissions?

Hi @LuqmanH,

I think this can be done by using the Reset Article Permissions button. I’m struggling to remember where this is, but I think you’ll find it under Settings > Distribution.

(Yeah, I found it in our docs here: Distribution Settings

Thanks @NateWr We had looked at the distribution settings previously. It is a quirk of this one journal site that the copyright notice displays on the article page despite our other sites not having the same issue.

I decided to try resetting the article permissions but that only succeeded in removing all of the CC licence information from all of the published articles but not the copyright statement from display. We now have to reapply the licence to each article manually by the looks of it. :-/

I’m sorry, I think I must have misunderstood your original comment. I thought you were referring to the Copyright Holder and Copyright Year, which can be set for each submission. But it sounds like maybe you are talking about the journal’s Copyright Notice.

In v3.2 we have added a new field. License Terms, that will be displayed on the article landing page instead of the Copyright Notice. That way you can present your full Copyright Notice to authors during submission and shortened License Terms for the reader on the published item.

In the meantime, I think the only way to hide it would be by modifying your theme. If you’re seeing it on some journals but not others, it is most likely a difference between the themes.