Copyright not displaying after Reset Article Permissions on OJS

One of our journal managers recently made some changes to the Distribution Permissions settings for his journal – specifically setting the Copyright Holder to ‘Author,’ where previously it was not set to any value – after which he hit the ‘Reset Article Permissions’ button.

While new articles (e.g., this one) show both the author copyright information and license correctly in the article details page, all of the previously published articles (e.g., this one) show no copyright or license information at all.

After reading the documentation myself, my expectation is that hitting the reset button should have created new copyright statements for these older articles with the authors as copyright holders instead of just leaving them blank.

The previously published articles used to show both the license and, actually, the authors as copyright holders, despite the fact the the copyright holder value in the settings was not explicitly set. This journal was previously migrated from another OJS instance into the one we manage using the article export/import function.

We found a solution. For posterity, should others encounter this: Go to “Dashboard,” then “Submissions,” then “Archive,” then click on each paper, in turn clicking on its “Schedule For Publication.” At that point, you have the option to click the copyright box (Attach permissions). When you save it, it’ll restore the paper’s copyright statement.

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Is there any better way to do it? I mean it will take time to do this for each and every published article.