Copernicus Index?

Hi, I noticed recently that the “OJS to Copernicus Citation Index xml export plugin” has appeared in the plugin gallery, described as an official plugin “developed and maintained by the Public Knowledge Project team”.

However, I have always thought that Index Copernicus was not a legitimate indexing service. For example, Shamseer et al. (2017) list it as one of the salient features of predatory journals. Mondal and Mondal (2019) describe how many Index Copernicus journals have helped authors through immediate acceptance of their articles. Aggarwal et al. (2016) also suggest Index Copernicus isn’t a legitimate indexing service.

Did I miss something? Has Index Copernicus become a legitimate indexing service? If not, why is PKP providing an official plugin to facilitate journals connecting with it?

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Thanks @shaun for your update on IC. In Indonesia, it is even listed as one of the recommended indexing sites for journals to which post-graduate students should submit their articles.

Interesting, thanks @kawahyu. I have never known anyone who has used IC or anyone who has recommended it. Do you know if Indonesian students follow that advice and use IC to locate journals to submit to?

Hi @shaun and thank you @kawahyu. I also heard that in some countries, it is seen as one of the reputable indeces. I know this index is an unknown for the field of education in Turkey. However, if the internationalization is important, do not think local.


Thanks @rheuman. It’s hard to figure out whether it’s a reliable or reputable index. I am concerned that in some regions it’s disreptuable. However, it’s possible that they are just relatively inexperienced or underresourced and were taken advantage of by predatory publishers. It is hard to tell. There aren’t any good journals in my field - that I can think of - that are indexed by them. But it is good to hear other people’s experience.