Cookie policy compliance

How can I add the cookie policy notification for users in OJS 3?
For example, the text they say to put just after :

Alternatively, is there a plugin for PKP-OJS?

Thank you,

there is a one developed by @ajnyga, i am not sure is that compatible with ojs3 or not.

but you can simply write your own plugin to use your mentioned javascript code.

edit: as dear ajnyga said, he folked from others git and is written for ojs2
edit 2: I think also you can use the custom header plugin to add your mentioned javascript code.

Hi all, that is actually just a plugin I forked in github for future use from here: GitHub - ictineo/ojs-cookiesAlert: CookiesAlert plugin for OJS
I have no tested how it works with OJS3, but it is made for OJS2 and is 4 years old so probably something needs changing.