Converting Users XML to excel

I am currently using OJS 3.1. I want to convert my XML user export into a more user friendly excel format. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to do this?

All you need to do is go to the Data section in your Excel and Choose From Other Sources – From XML Data Import. Let me know if this helps.

I have tried this, but the exported schema does not import very well. It makes really strange headings and gives nonsensical information. Should I maybe try and edit the xml first?

Not sure why are you not getting the expected data. We never had such issues. Are you selecting the correct schema after selecting the XML file to load. Excel gives you a preview of the column headers it detects.

I managed to import! Thanks for the help @pcansf

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Hello Nadine,
you seem to have succeded in my problem: I don’t seem to have the option of importing data in other format (I use excel for Mac from Office 365). Could you share some screenshots with me? maybe this would help.

Hi @NadineWubbeling and @pcansf, I’m having same problem as @lsteele.
In excel when I import a .xml user file coming from OJS (going to the Data section and choosing From Other Sources – From XML Data Import) with pkp-users.xsd in same folder as .xml file, Excel show the error code -1072896636 “DTD is prohibited”.
Any hint?
best regards