Converting Health Science Theme to RTL


I setup the OJS with the Health and Science in the Arabic Language. The translation is perfect out of the box. Now to make the theme RTL.

I added an CSS on body to make it RTL; however, the inner text did. Please check


Can you help me make the text in the above photo RTL?

Hi @OOzy_Pal

Thanks for reporting. Apart from aligning text to the right, are there other issues for Health Science theme related to right to left scrips?

I have attached two photos. Which should good for now. I don’t want repeat the photos of each page as one line of code could fix them all. Before, I attach the photo, I will put my current css so I can build on it. Once the theme is fully RTL, I will share with you the final css file.

body {
direction: rtl;
.navbar-logo img {
 max-height: 175px;

.container-homepage-issue {
   direction: rtl;

rtl1 rtl2

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@ Vitaliy Were you able to figure how to fix this?

Not yet. You can view the progress here: Support for right to left script · Issue #122 · pkp/healthSciences · GitHub
Most probably I’ll look at it next week.