"Contributors and Supporting Agencies" should be a mandatory field

On the 3rd step of the author’s submissin forms you can find:

Contributors and Supporting Agencies
Identify agencies (a person, an organization, or a service) that made contributions to the content or provided funding or support for the work presented in this submission. Separate them with a semi-colon (e.g. John Doe, Metro University; Master University, Department of Computer Science).
Agencies: [____________]

A few editors reported that will be very useful to set “Agencies” as a mandatory field, otherwise author’s forget this information that right now is important to be published.

An smarter solution (autocomplete, tags…) could be the best choice, but right now, the help text could be extended with “If no agencies fund or support this research, write “None” in the Agencies field”. (in bold, to make it easy to read).

I’m talking about OJS 2.x and I’munsure if this requirement is solved in OJS 3.x

This could be a long term answer:

But till then, I was thinking in something much more simple.
Please, let me know if you think it make sense for every journal and I will submit a patch to the template and the lang file.

I actually have a FundRef plugin almost ready for OJS3. I will probably upload it to Github by March.

It does not however make that field mandatory at the moment.


Yes please to the FundRef plugin. How are you getting on with this? I’d love to use it!


The basic functionality (fetching funder names from the registry) is ready:

But I was hoping to expand it to support grant id’s as well, but it would mean that you would habe to be able to pair the funder id and the grant id in case there are several funders involved. This would then mean that you would have to use a custom field for the information (and would have to be considered somehow in OAI).

What I am not going to cover here is the export of funder data back to CrossRef. But when the data (Funder name, Funder id, Grant id) is in the database, I think that it is the easiest part.


That’s great! I’d be really grateful if you could share this code with me.

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I will work on this probably today and tomorrow, I mean I will try to get the grant id’s there as well.

My plan is to use a separate database table to store these pairs (funder id + grant id’s) so when the official integration is ready, I can migrate data to support the built-in version.

If nothing else, I can send you what I have above tomorrow. At the moment it is inside a larger plugin, but I am planning to separate this anyway.


That’s awesome - thank you so much ajnyga! This sounds great. I’m happy to have what you have in whatever state it’s in at the moment :slight_smile:

Sorry for forgetting about this, I sent you a pm.

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I uploaded the fundRef plugin here (not much changed since I sent you the earlier version), but I am also at the moment working on a better version which supports both funder id’s and grant numbers. I will use a similar grid functionality like you have when you add new authors, the repository has a screenshot.