Consult about OJS or another PKP system

In a Springer event, 220 reviewers must be assigned. Can a group be generated for this type of user?

Do you have any article plagiarism check feature?

Is it possible to create groups of articles? I imagine that you can use the section function of the magazine configuration.

Does the review process be double blind?

Our idea is to install the latest version of OJS

Hi @jpmaidana,

Yes - OJS supports

There is the iThenticate plugin for OJS that some do use for checking against plagiarism. There is some brief information about it here:

Yes - that’s correct, groups of articles are usually done through sections in OJS.

OJS supports multiple review types, and double-blind is often used.

I’d encourage you to check out our FAQ here; as well as the Learning OJS guide here: for more detailed information about OJS and how it might meet your needs.

PKP Team

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