Constucting PDF download links without knowing galley id

in OJS 2.x I was able to assign to all(!) PDF galleys of a journal the same public identifier “pdf” and create a download link (by an external application) in this way:


This seems no longer possible with OJS 3 as I cannot use the same public identifier for several objects of the same type.
Is there another way to create a download link, using article ID (or DOI) but without knowing the galley id?

I try to create PDF download links in an external applications which knows the article id and doi of an article but does not have access to the OJS database to retrieve arbitrary galley ids?


Hello did you solved this problem? I would like to assign pdf for all galleys as a public identifier instead of the galley id. It is more practical…


No, I did not solve this problem. I use the galley id now.