Configure OAI feed to include Image Thumbnail?


Is there an option to configure what metadata is included in the OAI-PMH feed? I would like to include the journal cover image or thumbnail.

I looked at PKP forum posts and OJS documentation but could not find any information about configuring the OAI feed.

What application are you using?
Open Journal Systems

Thank you!

Hi Stephanie,

except for oai_openaire_jats, the other OAI-PMH metadata formats do not support figures or figure metadata (oai_openaire_jats has fig-group and fig elements, but provide only metadata via ext-link attribute, e.g. a URL that points back to the figure). As fas as I understand, fig-group and fig are used for figures in the article, so no thumbnail.

Dublin Core:
dc.relation can be used for URLs, but should be used for pointing to the source (e.g. landing page) of an article. So also no way to provide a thumbnail link.

The solution must therefore be thought from the side of the harvester. On the harvester or the endpoint where the data goes (or in-between), some metadata from the OAI response can be used to create an URL from which the endpoint (or harvester) can fetch the thumbnail from the OJS server.

On , the Swiss library discovery engine based on Alma/Primo, you see an article that has been harvested from
This article shows the thumbnail of the journal.

Actually, the harvester for Primo (or some parser) uses the ISSN provided by <dc:identifier>urn:issn:2673-5903</dc:identifier> in the OAI-PMH response to construct an URL like this one to fetch the thumbnail:

Apache redirect rules on the OJS server then point to the correct thumbnail. Et voilà!

There is further hidden gem:

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your response. That is really helpful.
I did mean to say the image would be via a URL so apologies for the confusion. I appreciate the solution you provided.

I am also interested in managing the elements on the feed. Do you know if there is an option to configure what’s included in the OAI feed?

Thank you!