Configuración Comando tar

Hola, alguien me puede colaborar con lo siguiente, resulta que al querer instalar un modulo nuevo recibo esta respuesta el comando tar no esta disponible, como puedo configurarlo estoy utilizando OJS 3.1.1.

This is configured near the end of the file

You will need to enter the file system path to the tar command here. If you do not know what the correct path is, check with your system administrator or your hosting provider.

Gracias si la configuración es la siguiente.

You will need to check with your system administrator or ask your hosting provider if the path of /bin/tar will work on your server. You may need to specify another path here.

Tengo el mismo problema

¿Como lo solucionaste?


dear @ctgraham @asmecher i install tar for windows and i copy the path to tar = but it didnt work. I am using wamp server but i dont understand how you say to check system administrator if you have a solution let me know please i will attach a screen shot of what i am saying

I think you are almost there. I suspect, though, that the file actually has an extension which may be hidden in your file explorer. You can see it by checking “File name extensions” under the “View” menu in Explorer. Try putting that resulting path in quotes, perhaps:
tar = "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\tar.exe"

Alguien pudo solucionarlo finalmente? Cómo encontraron la ruta? Colocan TAR en alguna carpeta específica del servidor? Gracias