Complete export of a journal not possible

Hey there,

AFAIR there was an option for completely exporting a journal in OJS 2 …
Maybe that is wishful thinking, but is there really no “complete export” plugin/option neither for site manager nor for journal manager?
Do I miss something?

NB: It is not a backup problem. We have daily snapshots of our working system. But if I want to move the journal to a different server, I have to do this manually incl. the db … a “dump-restore” function would be helpful. Or maybe it rises issues I am not aware of …?

thanks and have a great day

Let clarify a bit. Do you want to export besides issues all data about journal, database etc. to be in one package?
If yes, I can tell you that this can be sometimes a quite big package. For example, I administer one journal that does have more than 3500 articles. Export of all of that would require a lot of resources such as CUP, RAM etc.
Please inform me did I understood you well.

Yes, that would be the vision. But I understand the problem; yet my jouornals are somewhere about 1/10th of yours …

Hardware capacity should not be a problem. The system runs on a VM on a professional ProLiant of which I could assign the ressources on demand.

Maybe @asmecher can help to give you good answer on your question.

But if you were looking for something similar for OJS3, then sorry.

Hi all,

For OJS3, there’s nothing currently released – but we’ll be working towards an equivalent to the OJS plugin in future releases. See Extend native import/export plugin to include additional entities · Issue #3261 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team