Communication from the author to the editor in a workflow

Version: OJS 3.1.2

Description of issue: Hi! the only way of communication from the author to the editor (no matter what the issue) at any step of the workflow is with the “discussions” option. Isn’t there a way that the author can send an email like the previous version of OJS?


Another problem is that when someone replies within the discussions, no e-mails arrive corresponding to these notifications (replies within the discussions option). Is this really so?

Hi @didoemilio,

You are correct. Through the system, an author can only email the editor by starting a discussion.

The editor will be notified via email that there is a discussion. As well, if the editor were to respond, the author will also be notified of this.


This is dependent on the user-selected preference in their profile.


If you’re doing some testing and are not getting these messages, I would suggest checking the junk folder of your inbox.

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

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