[closed] No thumbnail image for english journal on en/ger multijournal main page


we have an OJS3.1 multi journal installation. The main page (with the list of journals) is available in English and German. To show a thumbnail image in this list, I have to upload two images per journal: one when the journal is switched to english and one when it is switched to German. However, I also have a journal which is English only. How do I get a thumbnail for this journal to show up on the German main page?

Ok. Found the solution. I switched on German for the journal UI, uploaded the image for the gallery thumbnail and switched the language off again. The journal is English only but the German OJS main page will show a thumbnail image now.

Yes, uploading locale alternatives for images like the logo and the cover are not as good as they should be in OJS. I think I have seen @bozana mention this somewhere and there are plans to make that more transparent.

Hi all, yes this is currently the way to go :-\ We are planing to improve it, but it is not a high priority for now :-