Clear smarty cache automatically?

Hello, when you have not access as administrator, and you make some changes, like replace the journal logo, you can not see the change until the cache is cleared, right?.. what is the time for an automated clear caché or “regenerate” cache?


Hi @t4x0n,

Hmm… interesting question - I think you could possibly set up a shell script or some other similar automated task to clear the specific cache directories. As to whether or not that would be advisable, I’m not sure, which version are you using?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,
That’s the thing in this server I can not access to anything, is an OJS installation in which the Admin has extended an invitation to others journals with similar scope for having all journals on one website. So, the chief editor in one journal asked me to make some changes (visual staff). But, when I upload the logo and then I upload another, the first image wasn’t replaced, maybe yes, but not in the cache… 24 hours, and nothing change.

OJS version is 3.3.0-6

I think, for future updates, maybe will be interesting to incorporate by default the automatic renew of cache every 24 hours, and with the possibility of change it in the admin panel or config file.

If you have other ideas or info about, I will be attentive to your answer :slight_smile:


Hi @t4x0n,

Thanks for clarifying. Yes - you would certainly require access beyond what you have now to be able to incorporate anything like what I’ve described, so this might not be feasible.

Good point about looking at this as a possible future update. There may be considerations for limiting access to cache clearing capabilities to just administrators that I’m not fully considering, but I will flag this post as a feature request that our developers monitor and can provide further commentary on, and may have some follow up questions for you about.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @t4x0n,

If it’s an image you’re having trouble with, it’s almost certainly a browser cache issue, not a Smarty cache. OJS doesn’t cache images on the server side. I suspect a hard-refresh on your browser would resolve the issue.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the answer.

About the logo, I am not sure now (I need other tries because I tried with the incognito option in my browser and not was updated the logo, but never clear the complete cache).

On the other hand, the CSS uploaded in: Website Settings > Advanced > Journal style sheet, is not updated when you have uploaded one CSS recently. In this case, I try with the browser incognito option, and with delete all caché and temp files… but nothing change, of course, I am see in the source code on the website :wink:

I can confirm… the logo is not updated even deleting the cache, but I think now is a server problem, maybe a cache configuration in the server, because the link to the imagen is in the public folder but I can’t see the new image, just the old one…

thanks again! please think about if is or not necessary clean cache for the editors if they chanche the template or upload a new CSS file… in this server I can’t try but in the future I want to try in my own server…

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