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I have been improving our review forms and would like to disable an older version. However, it is assigned to submissions, but they are not “open” submissions, as I have updated all the ongoing forms.

My question is how can I find out where the older review form is still used and “in review”?

Hi @lsteele,

You might be able to get at this by going to: Submissions (and presumably, if they are no longer open, they are under “Archives” -but you may want to check submissions under “All Active” as well) to be sure - Filters (selecting “Submission” (or possibly other categories) under “Sections” filter by specific sections for articles in the particular sections associated with the review form being used.

Could you give that a try?

PKP Team

Thanks Roger, all these submissions in my opinion were archives (either accepted or not), but it is too time consuming to open one by one to find out if there is invited reviewers with a review form assigned to the submission.
I decided to restrict my search and edit only submissions in review or submitted, replacing the review form with the new one; then I disabled to old review form… Not really happy, as I would like the number “in review” to be 0, but there, I will have to accept it … :slight_smile:
Thank for getting back to me!!

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