Cleaning up XML before importing users

Hello all,

Before I import the users from to, I’d like to clean up the data. Especially reviewing interests keyword lists, messed up email addresses and special characters from previous versions (since OJS 1.5, actually!!) that are creeping up from previous copy-paste.Here are the questions, and more may follow as I clean up:

  1. What is the separating character for reviewing interests? Bad input has forward slashes, dashes and other special characters that a regex may find and clean (using Notepad++).

  2. Is it possible to set up empty e-mails, with <![[CDATA]]> within the email tag?

Now looking at the XML file more closely, it may make more sense to import them as they are and then clean up the database fields manually before going live, as an SQL query could export individual fields and their values for clean up.

Hi @ramon,

  1. For the users import/export plugin, you can either separate reviewing interests with commas or specify several interests elements. (See

  2. I’d recommend using a noreply-type placeholder address rather than a blank space.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team