Classic theme: menu problem while reading on smartphone


I am setting up a journal with OJS 3.1.2-4 and Classic theme 1.0.2, all set in Italian language.
For the translation strings I am using the Translator plugin, for the moment.
I have just realized that when looking at the website on a smartphone, the menu icon adds a string ##PLUGINS.THEMES.CLASSIC.MENU##
I have tried to see if under the Translator plugin I could fix it but I couldn’t find the correspondent string in the list. So I still wonder how can I make this string disappear.
Would you have any suggestion?
Thank you very much and best regards

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

This should be in plugins/themes/classic/locale/it_IT/locale.xml. (You can use the en_US file for an example if you like.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher, thank you very much for your answer.
In order to not lose this change when I will upgrade, I need to put this edit in a child theme somehow, that’s right?
Best regards

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Is this simply a missing Italian translation? If so, the best solution will be to get the translation committed to our git repository, so we can ship it in future versions. You can do that either by opening a pull request in github for the new file, or using the translation tools I’ve mentioned elsewhere.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team