Class "pkp_site_name"

How to remove a link to the main page in class = “pkp_site_name”? I’m editing \ lib \ pkp \ templates \ frontend \ components \ header.tpl removing all href = “{$ homeUrl}” in {* Logo or site title. *}, but it does not work.

Even a complete removal of this part does not change anything. Maybe it needs to be fixed somewhere else or clean the cache?

Please be more specific in your issue. What is you application, which version, what you want to accomplish so someone can focus on real issue if there is one and how to customize something if you want to make it suitable for you.

I have the version of OJS 3.1. Clicking on the name in the header of the journal page, I get to the main page. I just need to remove this. To click on the title of the journal, I did not go to the main page.
I thought that I could change this in the file \ lib \ pkp \ templates \ frontend \ components \ header.tpl
But it does not help, there are no changes

Please check on nav-brand and nav-brand-logo

Hi @Eugene.B

You would need to remove the <a> elements from these code line: – if I understand your requirement correctly…

EDIT: do you use the default theme?


yes, that’s exactly what I wanted :slight_smile: to save the style, I changed <a href="{$homeUrl}" class="is_img"> to <div class = "is_img">. Thx!
But for me it’s still a mystery why deleting href = "{$ homeUrl}" in the tag <a>, the link still remained.