Class 'Handler' not found. Upgrade OJS to

Hello everyone.

I’ve been trying to upgrade a OJS system to a, but it seems having an error. I’ve followed the docs/UPGRADE:

  • Move folders to new directory
  • Synchronize: which I understand is copying the new information from into (I did let the own information intact, like the base_url, for example)
  • Replace the directories
  • I did not do anything with the patches because I didn’t see any patch after, so I went to the next step.

Then, when I try and go to the rute, according to my hosting, it gives me the following error: HP Fatal error: Class ‘Handler’ not found in /home/historia-actual0/www/Publicaciones/pages/install/ on line 24

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot and I hope you could help,


Be careful with the new folders because one old folder from OJS 2.2.x. (pages/install) remained within the new ones. I had to delete it manually and then all was Ok.