CLAMAV Plugin Configuration

Dear members,
I want to install CLAM AV plugin to scan files when authors upload them.

I have downloaded the correct plugin. installed the plugin but it is asking for CLAMAV executable. I am giving the exact path but it is not accepted.

What application are you using?

Additional information
I am using CPANEL and screen shot is attached for ready reference. Any help will be highly appreciated.


ClamAV needs quite some configuration after installation before it can be run - did you use the “Configure ClamAV Scanner” within cPanel (see for instructions on the Web).

The path for the ClamAV daemon (for the socket) requires a unix:// in front of the path.

thank u for reply. It worked with unix:// in front of path but for Clam AV Daemon it did not work

Apache user must be in the same Unix group as clamd.