Citation style language plugin problem

using OJS
Theme: default manuscript child

When I download the citation using the block as in the picture. It downloads the “.RIS” file. But when I try to import this file in the EndNote, a pop up appears to choose an import filter. Which I did and every time I choose a different filter but the endnote does not import anything and it goes blank.
Anyone here can guide why it is happening and how to fix this.


I have tried different browsers, computers and even different versions of Endnote (x7,x9) as well. but no luck!
Thanks and looking forward an expert suggestions

Anyone there to share their experience?

Hi @seisense,

I’ve searched the PKP forum and haven’t found any other mentions of this problem, so you may want to look at Endnote’s technical support resources for a solution.

Good luck,
Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @astevens for your reply.

Hi @seisense and @astevens

I was having this problem too.

However, I think I found the solution.

The ris template only has one space in each of the tags, e.g.


Looking at the ris file format on wikipedia, a RIS tag is supposed to have “two letters, two spaces and a hyphen”. So something like

TY[space][space]- JOUR

I also looked at the ris files I got from other publishers and they also have 2 spaces in the tag.

I’ve changed the ris.tpl file in my installation and found that it is now exporting .ris files that work fine with Endnote.

I would also recommend changing line 20 of the ris.tpl from

AU - {$author->given} {$author->family}


AU - {$author->family}, {$author->given}

This will just ensure that Endnote gives people the correct family name because some people have more than one part to their family name.

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@shaun Thanks, finally a long standing issue is resolved.

Hi @shaun and @seisense ,

This problem came up for me again and I was wondering if you filed an issue in Github and if it has been fixed in the plugin? I looked and I couldn’t find an issue.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens

No, I didn’t file a github issue - would you like me to?

Hi @shaun,

No, that’s fine, I filed an issue. I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t already and I had missed it. Here is the issue: Missing spaces in Endnote RIS template for Citation Style Language plugin · Issue #4802 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Please feel free to add comments.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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