Citation Style Language plugin issues OJS 3.1.0-1

When we choose for example, Chicago Style as citation format for published article in Serbian latin locale we are experiencing the following issues:

  1. If part of title of article the last phrase is in quotation marks like here:
    in the field of citation there is word with added " so that part of citation looks like
    “Theatre at Home””.
  2. All words are capitalized which is not in accordance to our grammar.
  3. In some cases quotation mark is inserted before the end of the word like here
    and it reads like this:
    : “Nešto Između” Srđana Karanović“a.
  4. In some cases like here there is no anything in the citation format like here. For some reason, plugin did not collect metadata in order to format them properly like here
  5. In cases in which titles are in cyrillic script there are no quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of article title in citation like here:
    I suppose that system was confused by the presence of characters that are not latin which it expects I guess.
    Please advise

Hi @vvucic

Hmmm… Yes, some strange behaviors… However, I believe we cannot do much – we are using a third-party library… but I will include @NateWr in the discussion – he would know better…

  1. We are using htmlspecialchars to escape the special characters and it seems that the CSL is confusing something there – not only for " but also e.g. for < and > – somehow the first sign is always correct but the second stays encoded :stuck_out_tongue: Not only Chicago style but the others as well.
  2. The capitalization seems to be a characteristic of the Chicago style – no matter of the language.
  3. Hmmm… No idea why is this happening :open_mouth:
  4. No idea what is happening here… :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Also here, no idea why Chicago style sometimes does have "" and sometimes does not :open_mouth: It happens also for other languages, e.g. DE, and also when normal character set is used

So I believe there is nothing you can do… Maybe we could point the CSL developer to those cases or… ?



OK, I understand that it is complex thing. I am willing to be cooperative i the process of testing and implementing possible solution.
Please feel free to contact whomever you think is appropriate and I am willing to do my best to help to solve this issue.

@bozana would your fix for the sr-RS locale here have any impact on this?

  1. I was able to reproduce this myself, so I’ll file it as a bug. We still need to track down whether the error occurs on our end or with the citation processor: CSL doesn't escape quotation marks properly · Issue #3546 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

  2. Yeah this is set by the citation format itself.

  3. Interesting. Injecting that string causes the citation processor to return an empty citation for some formats for me. I’ll try to chase this up with the processor. CSL has trouble with serbian characters in some cases · Issue #3547 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

  4. This looks like the problem I’m having in (3), and probably reflects a critical failure during processing (though I see no entry in the error logs).

  5. Hmm, that’s interesting. I’m not actually able to replicate the issue when I test with your title. If a citation wraps the title in quotes, it appears in quotes. Perhaps this is something fixed with the locale fix @bozana?