Citation Style Language Plugin: Article number (APA)

Can Citation Style Language Plugin show the article number? For APA, this could look like:

Last-name, A. (2022). Article title. Journal Name, 1, Article XYZ.

The article number could be an identifier set somewhere in the OJS, but before I dig deeper, would this plugin find it at all?

I found this related thread: OJS 3: Using article numbers instead of page numbers and GitHub extension: Support for article number · Issue #4695 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Apparently resolving the issue with article number is still in progress as of ojs

Hi @piotreba,

From looking at that issue, I believe so. It looks like its slated for a future release (3.3.1 - not 3.3.0-10) so I can’t say for certain when that work would be completed though.

PKP Team