Child theme not found in the dropdown in the **Appearance** section

Good day!

I have a problem with the child theme.
After enabling the child theme in the plugins, the dropdown by the Theme still appears to be empty.
Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @leki

Can you double check that you activated the theme plugin for the specific journal, not only site-wide?

I’ll try that. Sorry for the very late reply. By the way, should I enable both the parent and the child theme?

Or does it work like WordPress where I just have to enable the child theme only as long as the parent class is set in the file?

Activation of the child theme should be enough. As far as I remember it is enough for the parent theme to be present in the themes folder.

If you have multi-journal installation there should be several plugins tabs - site-wide and for each journal. The theme should be activated for the journal(s) that you want to use it with.

Alright, thanks for the help @Vitaliy!