Checkbox to agree to privacy statement not visible (New submission) in OJS

In our test system (OJS the checkbox to aknowledge the privacy statement is not visible.

You can accept the privacy statement only by clicking on the text “Yes, I agree to have my data collected …” - otherwise you will get an error when you click “Save and Continue”


Has this something to do with an incorrect setting on our side or is this a bug?

Hi @bibliothekswelt,

I wasn’t able to replicate this when I tested it. I wonder if you do a view source to see the HTML and see what is there, what do you see?

PKP Team

Hi Roger,

I have checked several browsers and have found the problem. It’s caused by the “I don’t care about cookies” addon. If this addon is activated in your browser, it hides several “standard” classes (e.g. id=“privacyConsent”) via an extra CSS. When you deactivate the addon the checkbox is visible again

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Ahh! Thanks for sharing - that will be useful to know.

PKP Team