Character encoding problem after upgrade

We recently upgraded to version and encountered an issue with the character encoding not displaying correctly. As an example: “NTEMI” should be “NTEMI”. Are there any other settings that we need to consider? We have looked at the configuration for multiple language support etc, but could not pick up on anything specifically.

The i18n settings are:

locale en_US
client_charset utf-8
connection_charset utf-8
database_charset utf-8
charset_normalization Off

The default PHP (version 7.4.3) charset - UTF-8



Hello @wynlib,

Please see our documentation related to character encoding here, which gives some advice around sendings: Troubleshooting - this may help.

Also, in this forum post outlines some solutions that users have found helpful: Character encoding OJS - #5 by szmigieldesign

Best regards,

Public Knowledge Project team