Changing tracks. A protocol approach?


Does anyone know of a way to enable a paper to jump tracks in a more managed way?
I need to support this scenario:

A Track Director (one of four) recognises that a paper belongs in a different track
He initiates the transfer by informing the ‘new’ Track Director that a paper is to be re-assigned
New Track Director must accept the assignment
Upon acceptance the paper is moved to the new track, Track Director details are updated and recorded in the History

The present arrangement is unsatisfactory for everyone. How might the above be enabled?


Hi @Paul_Coyne,

There’s no specific feature for this, but if you want a work-around, I might suggest using one of the existing decisions to trigger an email to all assigned directors/track directors explaining that a track change is suggested. The Director would need to confirm with the prospective new Track Director via email (either externally, or using the mail icons by the director’s name). You could use the Notes facility on the submission’s History page to attach any additional comments for tracking purposes.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team