Changing the IP of the Database Server

I need to migrate our servers off one of our networks, onto a new network, I assumed just changing the IP for the Mysql host would work but it does not, I am very unfamiliar with PKP and did not set this website up. So my question is how would one succesfully change where the database host is pointing to, is it not in the file?

in there is setting of database:
host : localhost (its mean the same place of the web files) we can change to the IP address if the database is deferent place .
but in username : xxxx ( the username must have an access from IP where the server of web files OJS is placed) .

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Will it take time to reflect the change since the two servers are on the same subnet? the only thing changing is the IP not the physical servers nothing else. Or am i correct in having been assuming it’s our firewall blocking the mime type, but as I don’t have access to that, I have to rely on a reluctant Security admin.
I’m also trying to confirm before we make more attempts on migrating the networks
Thanks for your response

OJS doesn’t do anything special when connecting to the database. Rather, it relies on standard connection libraries.

The settings point to the database location, as @acahya describes. If this host is set to a DNS name, your DNS records will need to be updated with any IP change. If this is set to an IP address, this value will need to be changed.

If the database server moves to a new subnet, your local firewall rules may need to be adjusted to allow connections from your OJS webserver to the database server, over the specified (or standard) port.

The database server also likely assigns connection permissions based on the origin of the database traffic. If traffic to your database appears to be coming from a different servername or IP (because of NAT traversal), you may need to reassign permissions within the database itself.

I’m afraid most of the details here will need to come from your reluctant security admin.

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