Changing path to journal by hand (hard editing)

we want to pursue on to upgrade to OJS 3, and during that we would like to change one path to our conference page:
change it to just Conference (when I was setting up that page, I
misunderstood what name I am setting up and as its general page for
whole conference, it is a bit ocnfusing). I would like the IT guy to
change the path in the db to without 2013, but please tell me, if he
does that, it will change the paths to DOI files. Would uploading newly
exported xml files with DOI numbers suffice to update all information?
Can we change the path by hand in the db or something will get irreversibly broken? What steps would you suggest?
Thank you

Hi @Petr

You could change that path as OJS admin in that journal administration settings – no need to do that by hand in the DB. But yes, this will mean that all old URLs cannot be find any more. Probably, the most important pages are issues and article pages. Eventually the web admin can also write rewrite rules for that.
The DOIs must then be updated – if you are using OJS plugins you would need to register all of them again. If you would like to export XML from OJS and manually upload it in your registration agency portal, it will depend on what agency you are using – I think, for example, that for DataCite the URL is reported separately i.e. not in the XML file, i.e. for DataCite you will have to update the DOI URLs differently. For Crossref I believe the new XML file upload containing the new URL would be enough. But it would be best for you to double check it all with your DOI registration agency.
Also the OAI interface could change, so that you would eventually have to report it to the service provider where your OAI interface is registered i.e. that are harvesting your journal.
Hmmm… Maybe there are also some other things you should consider – above all if you use any other service in conjunction with the journal… so best to go through them all…
Hmmm… Nothing else crosses my mind at the moment…


Hi, we use crossref, so when I change it, I will check OAI compliance and export all new DOIs and upload them to crossref, we should be fine then. Thank you!!

We also need to link it to DOAJ - just another export should correct it, right?