Changing language of submissions, and journal as whole


we inherited one journal and made upgrade to OJS, thing is it’s main language was English, everything is submitted in English, and we need to change it to it’s original language, it turn’s out to be not so simple.

Now we added new locale, but I can’t find a way to change language of submissions, and it seem there is no provided way right now.

What we could do is to go in database and change language there, which we did for PDF-s to get rid of language label on the front(which appears when non journal language is main interface language).

But, we are afraid about metadata, sent to MEDRA and others, what effect will it be on that, does any one has any experience doing this? Or is there a way to change language of submissions, that I’m not aware of?
We need this change for old submissions, new one’s are good.

Thank you

Hi @levelup,

This could be kind of tricky, as the language of the original submission is likely to stay in the system.
Can you clarify a few details here:

  1. You need to change the language of the article metadata (e.g. title, abstract, etc.) to which language?
  2. Are you also looking to change the galleys (i.e. the files listed on the site)?

PKP Team