Change text colour

Hi there,

Trying to change the text colour for “links” on our journal hosting homepage list of journals. What class should I change to do this in a css doc?44_preview

I’ve attached a screenshot for reference. Would prefer if the links weren’t blue (but also don’t want to change the colour of links that appear in our journals). Also if you have any advice about how to make the funny formatting of the ELIP paragraph look better, would appreciate it!


If you want to change color of important words you can use HTML markup like here:
It is up to you to design your OJS but I think that it is not suggested to change colors in a way that will decrease usability for persons with disabilities.
However, take care on color contrast as described in web accessibility guidelines and you can use color contrast checker:

I hope this helps.

Hi Vedran,

I just wanted to change the colour of the links–and of course we will keep accessiblity in mind. We just do not like the blue on the linked text. How can I change that?

We can’t use html markup because this is a page that pulls from other pages.

There should be in /plugins/theme/yourtheme folder with .less files and check there.

I’m not sure how to get to those files

Enter to your server (you cannot do that from within OJS) and in /public_html folder you will see files of your OJS installation.
Please find folder /plugins and you will see subfolder /default in which you can find files of your theme. As far as I see in your screenshot you are trying to change default theme.
In folder /default you will find subfolder /styles. You will find .less files in that folder.

In you /plugins/themes/default/styles folder find file variables.less
On line 21 and 22
you will find
// Primary “anchor” color for links
@primary: #007ab2;
On HTML color picker you will find that code mentioned is for blue that you maybe want to change.
Try to put other color there.

Thanks so much Vedran. How do I get to that folder? I’ve attached a screenshot of where I’m looking. Is that wrong?

You have to enter server. You cannot do that from within OJS. Do you have hosting company or your OJS is on university server?

Oh, makes sense. We have a hosting company

I guess you have got cpanel or similar application to manage server. You have to login to that application and check folders as I described. Usually address is:
or similar
Please check that with your hosting company and let me know if you need help.