Change Fonts Child-Theme

I was asking for some help on this matter; I am creating a child-theme of the Immersion Theme. I need to override a font, @ font-family-secondary, change it from Spectral to the font ‘Jost’;
I believe that I followed the correct steps in the documentation, but the case is that I can’t change the font.

Hi @cferreira,

Are you able to show your modifications here to indicate what you’ve changed? Also - can you indicate the version of the software that you’re using?

PKP Team

My installation is a clean OJS 3.3.0-5 and Immersion Theme 1.1.0
I created a child-theme according to the documentation. Created a “style” folder where I added the file stylesheet.css (which loads without any problem). As I wanted to override a font, I created the file variables.less where I defined the new font I wanted to use (inside the styles directory). The rules I established in the file
public function init () {
$ this-> setParent (‘immersionthemeplugin’);
$ this-> addStyle (‘stylesheet’, ‘styles / stylesheet.css’);
$ this-> modifyStyle (‘stylesheet’, array (‘addLess’ => array (‘styles / variables.less’)));
$ this-> addStyle (
array (‘baseUrl’ => ‘’));

In the variables.less file,
@ font-family-primary: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;
@ font-family-secondary: ‘Jost’, sans-serif;