Change a countries display value (in the registration form)

I found that post where is explained thet the country list is now (version 3.2 and higher) no longer maintained in the
but in

And I found the file and changed the value (yes … the one of Taiwan) but it does not change in the registration form. There is still the old value.

What am I missing resp. doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

Hi @ul2c,

What version are you running specifically (e.g. 3.3.0-8)? You might be able to use this new plugin: GitHub - asmecher/customCountryList (although I don’t think it’s in the plugin gallery just yet), which is intended to address this issue.

PKP Team

HI @rcgillis ,
It’s Version

A plugin would be fine, but to change the data manually would be also OK.
But it seems to me that I changed at the wrong place.
Do you know the right place to change the country’s display value?

Thanks a lot

Hi @ul2c,

Thanks, for an overview o how to do this, please see this post: Taiwan, Province of China - #4 by asmecher - though the relevant information for the file that you need to change is here:

Best regards,

PKP Team

Oh … I’m such an idiot …
I have multiple installations and changed the first and checked the second :frowning:
Doing it right fixes all in 5 seconds.

Thank you for your patience


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