Category does not list all articles when sorting by title is selected


In my journal there is a category, when I put it to list by title, it doesn’t display all the articles in that category. However, when selecting the order by publication date, all articles are displayed.

When I select sorting by title, all articles appear in Portuguese language, but not all appear in English or Spanish. Is it necessary to add titles in all languages for articles to be listed correctly?

The application version used is OJS 3.3.0

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Thinking about the default behavior of PKP applications, categories don’t list all content just when alphabetically it looks like a bug and not something that was intended.

@alec, if you agree we can send a PR.

Hi @AlineDuarte,

Is your journal public anywhere - perhaps you could send us a link to this so we could see how it is displaying?

PKP Team

Example: Categoria 1 | Testes

Switch between languages to see the reported issue.


Hi @abadan,

Thanks for the link. Is the category setup in multiple languages? For example, see here in the category settings - there are multiple fields for the title of the categories for different enabled locales - are these configured with a language equivalent for the other languages?

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 1.27.21 PM

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I put below the image of how it is:


Hi @abadan,

Thanks for sharing … I’m confused as to why this wouldn’t show up for the different languages. I just noticed that some of your articles don’t have translated titles though. For example, this one: Um ponto cego no projeto moderno de Jürgen Habermas: Arquitetura e dimensão estética depois das | Testes - perhaps you as a test you could enter in a translated English or Spanish title for it and then see if it that then causes the category to appear in the language - because it may be searching for articles that have a title in that locale. That’s just a guess, but worth trying out to be sure.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Thanks for the feedback, Roger.

This is the behavior indicated by @AlineDuarte: OJS does not display items entered into categories when the title of these items is not translated, only when sorted by alphabetical order.

I don’t see this behavior anywhere else in OJS, and even in the categories, by changing the date ordering, I can switch the language and still see all posted items. In this sense, it seems to me a bug and not something desirable.

Hi @abadan,

I see what you mean, but what I’m asking is, what does it look like with translated titles. If you’re able to show me an example with a translated title, I can better judge the behavior of this particular feature and how it compares to one without a translated title. After that, I can discuss with our development team as to whether or not this is a bug or if it is the intended functionality of this feature.

PKP Team

Ok, translated!


Thanks @abadan! I can see now that with a translated title, it does show up when you toggle back and forth between English and Portuguese. So, having the article display in a particular category is contigent upon the title metadata being supplied in a given locale. I believe that this is the intended functionality. As for the ordering, I believe that they may be ordered by date, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s difficult to tell in your case because all of the article in this test category appear to have the same publication date. And that wasn’t what you were expecting and what you think might be a bug?

PKP Team

I didn’t expect to see this behavior in the categories as I don’t see it anywhere in OJS, it’s something that surprises users. I don’t know of any other place where changing the language hides content.

Also, this unexpected behavior no longer occurs after changing the ordering of the category to by date:

I see inconsistent behavior. Even though PKP considers it better to hide content when not translated, it shouldn’t only occur in a certain ordering, right?

Thanks, @abadan. I’ve asked some of our other team members who may have worked on this feature to weigh in on this as to whether there might be some options for this. The date option seems peculiar too. Were you hoping that it would display the article regardless of the selected locale (e.g. if there was no English title, it would then display it in Portuguese)?



An update: I spoke with one of our developers, and they do think that it may be a bug. Have you identified a change in the code that would correct it that you would be able to send a pull request for?


I expect the behavior to be consistent: either always display only when in the interface language, or always display all items.

The second option is the most consistent with the typical behavior I observe in PKP applications. For example, I access this OMP and see the titles in Portuguese if they are not in the selected language: Sentimento da Dialética

I find it strange when listing by category occurs otherwise to vary depending on the configuration of how to order it.

@AlineDuarte , can you check if we can offer a fix?

@abadan, yes, for sure.

Thanks @AlineDuarte! If you wouldn’t mind dropping the link to the pull request here once you’ve made it that would be appreciated!

PKP Team

@rcgillis, here is the PR.


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