Captcha requested for Contact page even though captcha is off


We are trying to get journals listed in DOAJ. We have been rejected because the DOAJ editor gets a captcha page when trying to navigate to the contact page.

captcha is OFF in

And I didn’t even think that captcha applied to the contact page??

We are not seeing this on our end so I can not duplicate the problem.

They say it applies to this link: Kontakt | NAMN OG NEMNE

Best regards from Oslo, Norway

This is what they see.2

Hi @geirrosset,

That’s not part of OJS; it must be either a modification to the code, or something imposed by your host outside of OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes I did think it looked strange. It was of course our ISP that had Captcha enabled for all countries outside Norway. What I can’t understand is why it would only show up for the Contact page. They’ll disable it and we should be good.