Captcha plugin like reCaptcha

I wonder if there is a capctha plugin like Google reCaptcha that can be used inhouse with OJS 3.x? We cant use Google reCaptcha due to GDPR and more but i fear i need something “more” to verify user creation. How have you guys solved this?


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Hi @mattias.olsson,

I’m not aware of a captcha plugin, but you may be interested in the honeypot plugin. It is an alternative approach to preventing spam registrations. It is available from the plugin gallery, but only for OJS 3.1.2.

@ctgraham is there any plan to update this plugin for 3.2+ or is Pitt no longer maintaining it?

I’ve published a release for formHoneypot for 3.2/3.3, based on testing from another user.

If some additional folks can test and confirm in 3.2/3.3, I’ll publish it in the plugin gallery.

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Hi @ctgraham

I made a clean install from master branch of Github without being aware of stable_3_3_0 branch.
The installed OJS version was 3.4

The Honeypot plugin file formHoneypot-1.4.0-0.tar.gz was successfuly installed using “upload a new plugin” link and could be enabled .
I will go on reporting when I installed on OJS 3.3.x.

Update:Successful on OJS 3.3.1 and and too.

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The formHoneypot plugin has also been published in the Plugin Gallery.

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