Can't view installed plugins

Dear Sirs,

For some reason I cann’t view the installed plugins as it shows in the screenshot. Also, i can’t hide an editorial in the main site (see screenshot 2).

I only disable a plugin and this problems begun to occur.



We use OMP

Version Major Minor Revision Build Date installed 3 3 0 11 2022-08-01

Server Information

Setting Name Setting Value
OS platform Linux
PHP version 7.3.31-1~deb10u1
Apache version Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
Database driver pgsql
Database server version 11.17 (Debian 11.17-0+deb10u1)

Thanks in advice.

Hello @EzequielEsposito .

Which plugin did you disable?

Do you have access to error_log? Can you see anything when you load plugins tab?


:wave: @juanito

Thanks for your replay. I disable the “Dublin Core indexing module”. In another forum someone told me that if I disable that plugin I would be able to se the pdf, and he was right, the problem was fixed: OMP showed a 500 server error when someone download a pdf.

Now, another member of the team told me the he tried to upload a new plugin via de site admin. May be it was that.

But, we are the administrators but do not konw much about computing. I request the PHP error log to computing departament. That’s what you need?


Can you know, which is the name of “a new plugin via de site admin” ?

You can do mv or rm from the folder of this plugin.