Can't see Reviewer History


In reviewer user profiles we can no longer see reviewer histories. This is the case whether we are logged in as a journal manager checking reviewer profiles or as an editor wanting to assign a paper to a reviewer. We are using OJS

Could this be due to a recent upgrade?

Any help would be great!



We had the same situation some time ago and it was because of the filters on top of the page!

Assigned To: 
In Section:

Sorry @alirezaaa don’t know what you mean. Which page? And which filters? Could you elaborate on what you needed to do with some more information?

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Hi @ctgraham,

Would you be able to shed any light on our inability to see Reviewer Histories or point me in the direction of someone who could?

Many thanks!


In our journal the In Section filter was put on a section that did not have any articles.


I’m actually not familiar with the “reviewer history” you are looking for.

Can provide a navigation walkthrough of what you used to be able to do that you now can’t?

Hi @ctgraham,

Thanks for getting back. It is a request from a journal manager/editor.

As a journal manager he used to be able to go to a reviewer’s profile and at the bottom of the page see what papers that person had reviewed or rejected for review and so on.

Now we just see:

Does this help at all? By the way, we are using OJS

Thanks for taking a look at this!


I’ve not seen this functionality before. It it was a recent change, I would expect to see reference to it here:

Is it possible that this was a local modification y’all had made previously?

I think it was a local customisation done before I started with the press.

I’m now looking into it with our IT team.

Thanks Clinton!