Can't fill Table of Contents page


I am using the latest version of OJS. I have created several Issues, but couldn’t add Table of Contents section. There is only Order button on that section and no create. Any suggestions? You can see the attached screenshot.

Thank you in advance !

Hi Giorgi,

Table of contents will be filled as soon as you schedule an article against that specific issue. That’s done in the article, not in the issue. Go to the article workflow page, the last production step and you will see a grid with checkboxes. This grid represents the steps you have to do to publish an article. Try finishing them and you will be able to handle the table of contents.

Also, OJS 3 is under heavy development yet. It’s not ready for production journals. If you need something stable, use OJS 2.4.6 instead.


Hi Bruno,

I think I will follow your advice and change to OJS 2.4.6. Thank you !


Hi again,

I moved to OJS 2.4.6, uploaded some articles. Then I validated website by OAI Validation. I have submitted on Google Webmaster tools. But anyway my problem is that Google Scholar can’t see none of my articles. When I’m looking to the Source code all meta tags are displaying. Here is the website URL: Can anyone tell me what am I missing.

Thank you!

Hey, I found the solution. After uploading HTML version, now it’s searchable in Google Scholar.

Cheers !