Can't add item "Custom Page" to Navigation Menu Items in


I want to add a static page where we will post book reviews. After reading the forum, I saw that the Static Pages plugin is deprecated and we should create a custom page and add it to navigation menu(s).

So, I removed the Static Pages plugin and went into Settings → Website → Navigation Menus. Clicked on “Add item” and on the pop-up page selected the first item under “Navigation Menu Type”, which happens to be “Custom Page”. Filled out all the fields (see screenshot attached), but when I click on “Save”, the button is dimmed, but the pop-up window doesn’t close and when I close it myself, Custom Page is not added to the list of Navigation Menu Items.

I tried it logged in as the OJS administrator and as the journal manager, but the effect is the same.

How can I create a custom page?


Hi @Lolekbolek

I cannot replicate the problem with this OJS version. Do you see any errors in PHP logs or browser’s console? What browser and version are you using?

Hmm, on the top of my head, such a problem can occur if variable path_info_disabled in is turned on. Is this your case?

Edit: Able to reproduce. I’ve created an issue: Custom Page can't be saved if disable_path_info is set to on · Issue #4413 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thank you, Vitaliy (and sorry for not replying earlier - I was on vacation :)! I turned disable_path_info OFF and then I was able to create a custom page!

P.S. In the process, after turning off the disable_path_info, I got “Failed AJAX request or invalid JSON returned” error when trying to click anything on the “Navigation Menus” page (like described here: Failed AJAX request or invalid JSON returned), but I turned disable_path_info on and off again, restarting Apache service after each change, and then the AJAX/JSON error disappeared.

Hi @Lolekbolek
Can you look at the PHP logs just after replicating that error? There should be more information about the problem. Relevant are errors and fatal errors.

Hi @Vitaliy

Since the issue is resolved in the sense that I was able to create a Custom Page and add to the Navigation Menu, I will probably disregard this one time error that went away, but I am sure I will have to look at the PHP log very soon, because there are other things I need fixing :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.

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