Can't access new user register form

We’re having a problem with new users. When you hit “register” you are always redirected to the login page. Autoregistration is enabled for authors and readers. We’re using OJS
Are we missing something on the configuration?

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What options do you have selected under:
Admin → Dashboard → Users & Roles → Site Access Options ?



I forgot to give an extra detail: if I haven’t been logged before the system shows this screen when trying to register:


Any intent of registration after been logged redirects to login screen.


Do you have a single journal installed on this site, or multiple journals? I note that on the registration screen you are showing the site level, but on the Users & Roles screen you are showing a specific journal.

Are one or more journals enabled for public display? It doesn’t appear so on your site index.

We have just one journal, and we are learning to use OJS. It is all new for us.

Is that journal enabled for public display under:
Admin → Administration → Hosted Journals → (expand journal) → Edit

That was embarrasing. You nailed it. Now it’s working.
Thank you very, very much.