Cannot view PDF file

Hi everyone,

We just upgrade our journal to OJS version
The problem is the pdf file in current and past issues cannot be viewed but can be download when clicked the Download button. Let say if the user clicks this link:

This message appears when trying to view pdf files:

PDF.js v2.5.207 (build: 0974d6052)
Message: file origin does not match viewer’s

Can someone please advise me on the above matters because I’m a newbie in OJS


Hi @azmi384

The problem here appears to be that you’re loading http:// content instead of https:// content. is force_ssl turned On in your file? If I manually edit the PDF url using a web developer tool and change the protocol to https they load fine for me.


Hi @jnugent

Thank you for your response. It’s true…if we use https, it loads fine

so… i must configure to enable force_ssl to make the PDF url turn to https?

Hi @azmi384

Yes, that would be my recommendation.