Cannot Upload Journal Thumbnail or Header

Hi guys,

I am using OJS but when I try to upload journal thumbnail, logo, or header I get the following message:

“One or more files could not be uploaded.”

A screenshot:


This happens to all my journals when I try to upload a logo, thumbnail, or header from Website>>Appearance>>Setup

Please advise me if you have a solution.

Thanks alot


Hi @Mohamed_Abdelrazek,

Thank you for your inquiry. I can’t seem to replicate the issue you’ve described here. It might be an issue with the file size limit you have on your file. I would suggest increasing this and giving the upload another try.

Kind Regards,
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have increased the file size limit, but unfortunately, I am still having the same problem.

Hi @Mohamed_Abdelrazek,

Are you able to change the image format and see if the image persists?

Kind Regards,
Public Knowledge Project Team

@Mohamed_Abdelrazek, did you solve this issue?

Is this the same problem as I have?


Hi @eddoff,

This issue occurred when I moved my site from a Webhosting provider to another one. When I got the backup and installed it on the new hosting account, I became unable to upload anything to the site. Therefore, I had to remove all the contents of my site and started it from scratch. I was lucky as the site was new so I was able to repeat it easily.

@Mohamed_Abdelrazek, I see! Unfortunaltely, I am not that lucky. The site has been running for a while… I don’t get any answers to my thread either. I don’t know how to solve it…