Cannot access OJS (Parse error in

Hello there,

I cannot access OJS anymore.

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

And here’s the code:

Please locate the error.
Kind regards.

Have you made any intentional changes to this file? I would start by comparing this file with a copy pulled from a fresh download of the same version from PKP’s website.

No, I haven’t. I have compared the files but they were identical. Any other suggestion?

Have you made other PHP code changes? It is possible that a file which includes was changed in such a way that PHP is interpreting the syntax error on the included file instead of the file which called it.

I suspect someone touched this computer. How can I repair OJS?

If you do not have intentional changes in the codebase, it is easiest to simply replace the code with a fresh download of the same version. If you do have intentional changes in the codebase, you will need to use a tool such as WinMerge or diff to look for any unintentional changes. A revision control system such as git, mercurial, or subversion will be invaluable if you do maintain intentional local changes.