Cancelled one-click reviews


I am trying to figure out how to correctly react to cancelled one-click reviews. The current logic in OJS 2.4.x is to display an inactive review page which puzzles some of our reviewers – imagine that the review invitation is two months old, you click on it and the landing page looks like a review, but it is in fact a relict of a cancelled review.

Before trying to investigate it further in 2.x context, I have tested it with OJS3, which unfortunately does not display anything at all due to a fatal error in ReviewHandler::_validateAccessKey() in /pages/reviewer/ The result is a blank page.

After some tweaks I am in a situation where the modified OJS3 reacts the same on (a) attempt to access a non-existent review, (b) attempt to access an existent review with an incorrect access key, and (c) attempt to access a cancelled review with a correct access key – in all cases the user lands on the login page without any additional information whatsoever. I would accept that for cases (a) and (b), but the case (c) deserves in my opinion at least a terse message saying something like “Too late, sorry!”

I suppose I will have to dig deeper into how ReviewHandler is implemented and where is the redirect to login page implemented. Am I right?


– jan

Hi @jprk,

This probably hasn’t received much testing in OJS 3.x yet – there’s a lot of new code and resultingly some of the less-trodden execution paths such as the optional one-click reviewer access feature will need some care and feeding. Before someone here takes a look, it sounds like you’ve made some basic changes to get OJS 3.x behaving as OJS 2.x did – would you mind sharing those?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @asmecher,

I will definitely create a pull request :slight_smile:.

– jan

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