Can we export the Doi's from one OJS server to a new one?


Well i will make this short. About 7 years ago someone at my university installed a version of OJS in Spanish (argentina). When i got there I made an a upgrade from an old OJS 2 to OJS But i got a lot of issues because of the idiom it was configured, in the new version that idiom doesnt exist. This makes the OJS server fail in weird ways. So I decided to manually migrate all the information to a new OJS server. Nevertheless, i wanted to know if there is any way to export all the articles DOI.


Hi @Nicolas_Dario_Cuevas,

If you’re just looking to extract the DOIs from your old installation, the best way is probably to go to the database directly and look in the submission_settings table. I believe you’ll need to look for entries with setting_name = 'pub-id::doi'.

However, reconstructing an OJS install this way could be quite time-consuming and I wonder whether it’s worth looking again at your database and the conventional upgrade process. Have you described that process in another forum post?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team