Can’t upload submission files OJS

Hi there! I have a problem with submission file. When author submit a paper, nothing happen. I’m using OJS Database server version 10.3.16-MariaDB, PHP version 5.6.40. Permission for files directory is 755

What’s the solution? Thank you

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Hi there,

755 may or may not be the right permission for your directories, since it depends on who owns the directory. The directory needs to be writable by the user the PHP script runs as.

Your apache error log will have more details regarding the problem.


Hi @reza_chan,

Also, be careful not to put your files_dir inside public_html without protecting it somehow, or you may be at risk for malicious uploads. The best thing to do is keep your files_dir outside public_html.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

so, what is the best permission for files directory?

The error message :

[09-Jul-2019 10:59:43 America/New_York] ojs2 has produced an error
Message: WARNING: Cannot use a scalar value as an array
In file: /home/…/classes/journal/
At line: 83

It depends on who owns the directory and whether or not you’re using security protocols like suEXEC or not. You should talk to your systems administrator for specifics.


I also experienced the same thing,
file sub no
no submissions file uploaded

permission is 755…

Please help…