Can´t see all my Assigned

I am the administrator in OJS, and I have 8 submissions registred in my site, but I can see just 6 listed in my Assigned section.

Some idea How can i do to see the 8 submissions?

thank you

You should see all 8 submissions in the ‘all active’ tab, provided they are not published and therefore archived yet. In ‘my queue’ you see only the submissions you are assigned to as editor, reviewer, author, copyeditor, layout editor, …

Thank you for yourtime. I cant see all the submissions in the All Active tab.
Im the administrator and I´m editor in all the sections of the journal, but I cant see all the fsubmissions. I just can see 5 of 8.

If I open a submission than I can see, like this one:

and i change the id like:

I can see the submission, but that submission (98) is not in the list.

I can fix it, thank you.

The problem was that I am registered as administrator of the page, and also as the editor of the sections. When I deleted my user fron the sections of the journal, all assigned were shown in my queue.