Can OJx host virtual conference and virtual poster sessions?

Hope you are well and surviving this COVID-19 stuff.

Question please. Can OJS or one if the variants be used to effectively hold a virtual conference and/or poster sessions? We are looking at online virtual and conference tools and thought OJx may be adopted for it.

Thanks for your feedback. Best, Rich DeVito

It seems this would be quite viable for scenarios where there isn’t a need to track item-level attendees and locations and times.

To use OJS for a full conference solution I think two things would be required:

  • A plugin to extend either reader or subscriber roles to like/follow particular articles / research outputs.
    • This would potentially be generally useful, for example “my favorites”.
    • This might also be extended to limit likes/follows to a specific number in the case of registration limits.
  • A plugin to associate articles / research outputs with additional metadata for date and times and locations.
    • This would be pretty specific to conferencing usage.